SC1245 Latch Hall Sensor IC



The SC1245 Hall-Effect switch, produced with high voltage Bipolar technology, has been designed specifically for automotive and industrial applications. New considerations are given not only to protect the IC from the high voltage transients, but also achieving a high degree of noise immunity.
Each device includes a voltage regulator for operation with supply voltages of 3.8 to 40 volts, quadratic Hall-voltage generator, temperature compensation circuitry, small-signal amplifier, Schmitt trigger, and an open-collector output to sink up to 40mA.


  • 8 to 40V supply voltage
  • High transient voltage protection
  • 40mA sinking capability
  • Operate/release points symmetrical around zero gauss
  • 3-pin SIP, SOT23-3 packages are available
  • RoHS compliant

Seal & Selection

Item Packing Seal Working Temperature Marking
SC1245UA 1000pcs/Bag SIP3 -40℃ to 150℃ 1245
SC1245SO-N 3000pcs/Reel SOT23 -40℃ to 150℃ 1245
SC1245BU 1000pcs/Reel SOT-89 -40℃ to 150℃ 1245

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