SC9641 ABS Speed Sensor IC



The differential Hall Effect sensor SC9641TS-P detects the motion of ferromagnetic and permanent magnet structures by measuring the differential flux density of the magnetic field. To detect the motion of ferromagnetic objects the magnetic field must be provided by a back biasing permanent magnet. Either south or north pole of the magnet can be attached to the back side of the IC package.
Magnetic offsets of up to ± 20mT and device offsets are cancelled by a self-calibration algorithm. Only a few magnetic edges are necessary for self-calibration. After the offset calibration sequence, switching occurs when the input signal crosses the arithmetic mean of its max. and min. value (e.g. zero-crossing for sinusoidal signals).
The ON and OFF state of the IC are indicated by High and Low current consumption. Excellent accuracy and sensitivity are specified for harsh automotive requirements with a wide temperature range, high ESD and EMC robustness.


  • Two-wire current interface
  • High sensitivity
  • Dynamic self-calibration principle
  • South and North pole pre-induction possible
  • Large air gap
  • Single chip solution
  • -40℃ to 150℃ operating temperature range
  • Output protection against electrical disturbances

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Item Packing Seal Working Temperature Marking
SC9641TS-P 1500pcs/Bag SIP4 2-pin SIP 9641

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