Inductive Encoder

Used in stepper and servo motor, with high precision, small volume, can be installed through shaft, strong anti-interference ability and so on

Magnetic Encoder IC

Used for motor speed measurement and stepper motor control, with small size, easy installation, support a variety of output forms, low cost.

Geartooth Sensor IC

Semiment Technology has a range of Hall Gear Sensing Chips, including current and voltage output products, which can be used for speed and direction detection using either a chip with a magnetic ring or a back-to-back magnetic plus gear solution. Semiment pioneered the single-chip dual output speed sensor for motor encoder applications, with 1mm or 2mm pitch gear or magnetic ring to provide A and B orthogonal output.

Linear Hall Sensor IC

Semiment’s linear Hall ICs are widely used in position and Angle detection applications in the automotive electronics, industrial control, and consumer markets. For example, in the automotive power steering system, linear Hall IC can be used to detect steering wheel Angle, torque and speed. In the industrial automation market, it can be used for proximity sensing, valve opening detection and control rod direction detection.

Switch Hall Sensor IC

Semiment Owns unipolar, Latch, Omini-polar, micro-power consumes and dual-output switch hall sensor IC which are widely applicated in automotive, industries and consumer.